Join us for our next series of seminars

Holiday Inn High Wycombe in September 2016
Announcing a set of 3 seminars from Churchill Stone
for Sub-Contractors in the Construction Industry
Giving you an edge to getting paid
Do you feel like this throughout your contract?
1st seminar
“In the beginning it’s all smiles”
to be announced
2nd seminar
“On edge about getting paid”
3rd seminar
“It doesn’t have to end in tears”
Join us in a journey through your sub-contract from the view of a grumpy old
QS and a guy who just likes to be paid … and not a Solicitor in sight.
Go away with hints and tips, after a bit of light heartedness, as we look at the
obstacles to getting paid and how to avoid them.
The first seminar …
“In the beginning it’s all smiles”
where we look at the early stages from tender to first payment application including
Why do I need to sign this contract, I’ve already got the order ?
This young QS seems like a nice enough fella … doesn’t like paperwork either !
Due date ? What on earth are they talking about ? … and more.
in  … 
September 2016
at  …
(just off the M40)
      Holiday Inn, High Wycombe
Coffee and tea beforehand, lasts about 1¼ hours, questions in the bar afterwards.
Places are limited. £15 admin fee only.
Register your interest or reserve your places  …
or call Alan on 07975 730228  … or Mike on 07736 612074
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